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Well, it's been an awful long time since an update and I finally feel guilty enough that I've decided to post something. Tara and I are back in Hamilton NZ. We've moved back into our house (which we had rented out whilst we were OE'ing) and have found employment. I miss Europe's possibilities but Tara missed family and the Kiwi way of life more so here we are. Hopefully there will be more travels in the near future.

Check the travels page, bunch more pics up.

Well, we are currently on our big OE and are based in London. Check our our travel pages, we'll be adding lots of pics as we save up enough cash to get places.
I'm going to have a quick sweep through now and update any really out of date stuff.

Well it's being some time coming but here it is! Our mega-incredible web site that at once both overawes and under-whelms, leaving you floating in that happy, happy middle ground.

Well what's it all about then. It really is a very short tale. I worked for a company that owned an ISP. They offered nice cheap rates to the lucky staff members of said company, including really cheap domain-name registration. Lo and behold, whilst cruising for suitable monickers, I find that trev.co.nz was still free! And that's my name! Trev! How about that!

So now I just needed a reason, and what better than to project a little bit of myself, and of those close by, into webspace (note: that IS a word). That is, I have no household pets to take pictures of, but there will be pictures of the car.

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Whats to do? Currently, find out about us, our interests, our wedding, and travels abroad.