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I went sking in Arabba in January with my Mother and her husband, Geoff. They were on this group trip thing with loads of other Kiwis, and I unofficially tagged along. I was their snowboarding mascot as they are all mad skiers. Anyway, Arabba is fantastic. It is part of the Stella Rhonda, which is a mountain in the dolomites that has about six ski fields spaced around it, so you can ski the whole thing. So Arabba is one of the skifields, and it is huge, and you have access to all these other skifields, and they are all huge too. I made a concerted effort to cover as much terrain as possible in the week I was there, and there was still heaps left that I hadn't done.

This is a town I went through on the way to Arabba. I sorted this trip out myself, and speaking very limited Italian I managed to organise a train and bus ride to get me from Venice to Arabba. This is the town where I thought I was meant to change buses. I wasn't, so I took some photos and waited for the next bus.
First ride in the morning, just the little hill with the trees on it - not the big one! The big one is the plateau of the Stella Rhonda.
Another view of the Stella.
Marmolada peak, the run on the other side of Arabba. Superb black diamond run top to bottom. Takes at least ten minutes in top gear too.
Town church.
Another view of the same, Marmolada in the background.
View from the hotel I was staying in.
We had some snow...
You find cruxifixs all over the place.
There is a huge cafe culture up on the slopes with resturants and pubs. Can be a bit difficult getting home in the dark after a few drinks though.
I went on a day trip to Cortina, a nearby skifield. Cortina is pretty flash, it is where the celebrities go sking, and it showed in the strange sight of people on the ski fields wearing fur jackets. It also recently hosted the Super G championships. They were over though, so the run was open, and it was a pretty amazing run.