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For Xmas we packed our bags and headed over to Italy for spot of sking. As you do :-) The resort we hit was the lovely Livingo, lots of snow, great hotel (La Alpi!), cheap booze (Livingo is a tax free zone, 7 euro for ya' 1125 of Smirnoff..), overall fantastic little trip.
The only bad part was the trip in and out again which was typically awful, plane delays, long queues, luggage falling out of the bus... Package tours are good in that you don't have to plan anything, just follow the leader. They are bad in that you have to follow the leader at the pace of the slowest of the herd, are stuck with your fellow travellers and are subjected to that piped pop music sh*t everywhere you go.
We were there for 10 days over the 25th December, my first truly white Christmas. Had a couple of good falls of snow whilst we were there and did lots o' sking/boarding.
View down one of the chair lifts. Check the Piste map here It's the lift in the top right of that map.
One particularly cold morning, to battered and bruised to face the slopes Tara and I went for a bit of a walk out to the edge of the lake.
Here's the team in all their glory, waiting for the bus in the morning. Blondie, AJ, spanner, trev, phil, nic and tara behind the camera.
Me represent'n at the top of the chair lift.
You know those vids where peeps leap all over the feckin place and look styley and stuff? I can't do that.