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London Photographs

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Tara's pic of the Queen!
Landmark ahoy!
Busy, dusty, dirty. The real London, and it's in Monopoly!
Piccadilly Circus with the tube station entrance in the foreground. The statue in the background is apparently some famous "meet yer lover for a snogg" place.
Hampton court palace. I belive what we have here is the three fates, and, er, the blues sisters.
"Nice manor 'enry" (Henry the Eighth that is)
Now that's shrubbery!
Another view of the palace and a small side garden.
The Albert Memorial. Unfortunately this picture doesn't give you any idea of the size of this thing (the fence around the bottom is about man height). It's gaudy, but I was impressed by its sheer magnificence at the same time.
Giant water lilies in Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens is the nicest gardens I have seen, after being in concrete London for a while it was a like an oasis. Its just the place you'd like to go for a picnic. Unfortunately it is totally spoiled by the incessant stream of planes coming in to land at Heathrow, as the sound of the last plane fades out you can hear the next one coming across!