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The view over Edinburgh from Edinburgh castle.
The memorial hall in Edinburgh castle, no cameras allowed inside, it is filled with memorials to the dead of many Scottish units.
Um, I stole this:
" Mons Meg was built in Mons in Belgium. "Meg" is a Scottish short form of "Margaret". The gun, one of a pair of a type known as a "bombard", was presented to King James II in 1457. It looked impressive and packed a punch as a siege weapon - the missiles it fired weighed 330 pounds/150kg and they travelled a distance of two miles. But it was unwieldy and was difficult to move around, especially in the days before proper roads were built.
It was retired to ceremonial use but the barrel burst in 1681 and had to be repaired (it has never been fired again). At one stage it was on display in the Tower of London but was returned to Edinburgh Castle in 1829. It is now a popular attraction in the castle. "
So there you are.
Our camp site at Edinburgh, we stayed here two nights and it was the best of the lot! Not to crowded, near a town and a canal! Some noise from late comers and the near by airport but.
That's our friends Phil & Nic in the foreground with the canal going over the river in the background.
Tara and me in Stirling castle.
The main hall in Stirling castle. Not sure we were meant to sit there but it felt so right!
Summer in Scotland (Glencoe), feel the warmth...
A canal boat in the locks at Caledonian. There is a series of locks here between Loch Ness and Loch Lochy (The locks on Loch Lochy, true, look it up!). Neat to see them in operation.
More canal action. You can see the lock closing in behind the boat.
Cliffs, sea, cloud, rain, cold.
The view from our rough camp site on Skye, you can see a sheep pen made of stone down below. Plenty of material at hand I guess...
This castle, Dun Vegan, is still inhabited (witness the Sky TV aerial). We are on a small boat off to see seals.

Tara took a lot of these, had to put some in.
Elgin Cathedral. The second largest in Scotland which, like many others fell in to disuse following the Reformation. Fatal blow seems to have being the removal of the lead roof for re-use, another common tale.
Elgin Cathedral. View from one of the two remaining towers.
Elgin Cathedral. View through an archway, tomb of a church knight in the foreground.
St Andrews castle. St Andrews being the birth place of golf, Tiger Woods should offer to rebuild the place. Ladies poo-pooed the idea of visiting the golf museum so we have more shots of crumbling masonry to follow.
St Andrews cathedral, same story as above. This one has pretty angels though :-)
St Andrews cathedral. Just above the skull and crossbones read "MementoMori" the only bit of Latin I know, "Remember you must die". Spooky. I have no idea what the rest says but the skull and crossbones symbol was popular in all the cathedrals we saw, often with the skull depicted as if viewed on a odd angle.
Melrose Cathedral. Same story AGAIN!