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2003 Aug - Nov: Our tour of Europe pics. God the variety, the life, the not New Zealand. I bet you wish you were there right now.

2003: A few pics from the short weekend trips we take.

Jun-2003: We FINALLY went climbing with Ian for a weekend. Pics here.

Apr-2003: We had a great long weekend away in Wales.

Jan-2003: Well, ten days wasn't enough for Tara, so she had back for another week! pics.

Dec-2002: Sking over Xmas See pics.

Oct-2002: We went to Paris! See pics.

Sep-2002: Tara has a Bath ... pics.

Jul-2002: We went to Cambridge to visit friends and have a punt: pics.

May-2002: We are currently living in London, part of our long term plans to see the rest of the world. At the moment you can see pictures of our trip over here though Singapore and Malaysia, around and about in London, our trip to Scotland and finally pics of our flat.

Read about our trips to Australia, Canada, or Tara's trip to Tonga. You can also see photographs of the Canadian and Tongan trips.

Our next plans are to do the Wanganui River in a canoe, hopefully Feburary/March 2001.