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We headed off for a long weekend to Wales.

This is the entrance to the town of Chester on the way to Wales. It is a very old town, with many tudor style houses.
Chester catherdral.
The camper beside a lake in Wales.
An old fort we found at Snowdon. Cheaper entertainment than the 20 train ride to the top of the mountian.
View from the top of the fort. Note the slate stonework.
The only other attraction we did here was the slate mines. Obviously Tara's idea.
A truely perplexing sight. Middle of winter, north wales, not even near the sea. Apparently they run diving courses in the lake below the slate mine. Not too sure what they would see down there. Certianly wouldn't be picking up any crays.
Inside our home away from home.
Trev beside a real live Darlick. You know, the creature from Dr. Who. They had a place full of them up there.
Tara beside the Dr. Who car.
Trev with cat. Not a common sight. Worth a photo.
Cool abbey we found on the way back.
Formal gardens at the abbey.
Tara outside the house that Shakespear's wife lived in before she married Shakespear. Scraping the bottom of the barrel here I know, but cool house.
Lock on the river Avon.
Warwick castle.
Mad people camping at the castle in old fashioned tents and clothes. Lets hope they at least had modern sleeping bags.
Photo showing the strange angles that a couple of hundred years gives a building.
Impressive stained glass window.
The end.